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Message Subject BREAKING: Israeli tanks roll into eastern Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip
Poster Handle ASV
Post Content
amen to that...americans don't put up with that crap..why should israelis?
 Quoting: godzilla85

Because America is BIG and INFLUENTIAL. While Israel is tiny and both geographically- and diplomatically-isolated.

It's the same reason why Turkey can completely gratuitously occupy Cyprus & threaten war against Northern Cyprus, Greece and Kurds every other day -- and not only NOT get massive daily attacked by the Western Liberal Bleeding-hearts because of it, but in fact be praised as the darling of both West and East Secular-Religious virtue of co-existence.

It's the same reason why Russia can carpet bomb Grozny --- killing 10 times more Chechens than total amount of Palestinians who died in conflict with Israel in the last 64 years....not to mention their provoking George into a war in 2008 using most absurd "peace-keeping" pretext..... and not only does FSB-Oligarch-Mafia state like Putin's Russia DOESN'T immediately become a diplomatic pariah as a result, but actually they remain a much feared oil & gas powerhouse and a veto-holding member of the UN Security Council.

Same way China can basically be a Totalitarian Hell under Mao... then get a nice make-over using Western aid, techonology, know-how and West-backed international loans & credibility..... all while CONTINUING their repression, stealing intellectual properties, massing literally MILLIONS of cyber-attaacks on most sensitive Western state & corporate institutions.... manipulating their currency....threatening all their Asian neighbors into compliace....... and pretending to be an honest broker with respect to the Stalinist mad-dog that is North Korea ---- all while secretly HELPING North Korea develop nukes & missiles!! Talk about quintessential having your cake & eating it too.....

And yet China enjoys unprecedented prosperity & legitimacy.

All while Israel's and Jews' very EXISTENCE is demonized and brought into question--- less than 70 years after the Holocaust, no less!

So please, any time anyone wants to mention JUSTICE or FAIRNESS or any other such lofty concepts allegedly respected at the UN.... I laught my ass off. There

Might as right. Especially when it comes to the hated & envied minority like the Jews. Everything else is just PC hypocrisy noise.
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