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Message Subject The Nobody & The Scottish Rite Freemason Prophecies On The GLP
Poster Handle KnightsTemplar.TV
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NOBODY doesn\'t serve anything other than humanity, beyond any religious notions, beyond the war that\'s raging in most peoples minds.

People can relate to a Nobody because he can\'t be possessed by a group or power structures and will deliver whats needed..
Nobody has no choice but to remain Anon and impartial mostly.

Like a judge that must review the evidence at hand and how to implement a change of direction, so humanity at worst doesn\'t get wiped out by the mass of stupidity.
Then retreat and leave humanity to sort out the problems..

Human beings must take the individual responsibility for their lives and actions..
Every one used common sense today all problems would soon be resolved, a simple solution but a grand undertaking..

Posted by User ID: 24791402 Australia 10/22/2012


Google: Angelfire Nobody - for authorized forum posts

 Quoting: ISZ 23074359

I have already solved these problems, but most people will refuse to look in the mirror and do the work needed on themselves for this grand undertaking for it is each one of us that must partake in this self work for the grand undertaking to be a success or humanity gets wiped out by the mass of stupidity.
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