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Message Subject Guantanamo Inmates Could Be Moved To US Jails
Poster Handle Carshy McCarsh
Post Content
STRAIGHT to the bottom of the pins. lmao

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28720848

Dude, you seem pretty obsessed with this guy. Might I suggest some fresh air?
 Quoting: Sleeping Giant

I own him. He thinks of nothing but 1 starring me.
It's awesome. He's my lonely little attention slave.
 Quoting: Carshy McCarsh

I own your thread history. lulz
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28725669

In the same way you "own" a girlfriend, which is to say, not at all, eh fatso?


You MUST follow me around and 1 star my threads. And you must conceal you identity because you are not only a coward, but unable to even engage other people on an intellectual level. So you hide, and vandalize, and over-eat, and jerk off all alone, every day.

This is my command, and you WILL follow it, because I own you: Stalk me. 1 star my threads. Change your IP. And don't ever stop.

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