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Message Subject Guantanamo Inmates Could Be Moved To US Jails
Poster Handle Future Viewer
Post Content
More fear mongering bullshit.

These men are no more of a problem than the gangs that currently run free and control certain sections of cities.
 Quoting: Sneetch

LOL. His excuse for this fear mongering was that the 166 prisoners in G-bay would ruin the system from the inside out, by writing appeals that take taxpayers time and money.


Right....the 166 prisoners, the ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY SIX prisoners will ruin this country inside out with the lengthy appeal process.

I hope none of you fall for this bs, lol.

Every single prisoner in his right mind tries to appeal. That is their right. Whether or not it is the right of Non-Citizens doesn't even matter in this case, simply because even if it WERE allowed to happen, 166 appeal processes aren't going to bankrupt a country 300 million strong. Not when the appeal process is a normal part of the incarceration process for nearly every single what, 20 million prisoners?

Get real
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 801546


A few points:

#1 The Blacks and Latinos have already bankrupted this country on Entitlements.

#2 The "Hasadic/Russian/Religious/Orthodox" Jews have bankrupted even more with, 5x more Entitlements than #1.

#3 This Country (USA) is already Bankrupted as most Federal Judges and Federal Prosecutors and FBI, CIA, NSA, and DHS will attest!.

So this appeal process is nothing more..

Besides Federal Reserve will just print fake ass money with no backing anyhow!

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