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Message Subject I think I am starting to develop abilities from meditation
Poster Handle drhoecker
Post Content
I got so sick once, I almost died. I still have not fully recovered, its been almost 10 years.

i started practicing meditation heavily. I started training my body, I practiced chi gung, everyday, until exhaustion.

I began to sense energy. from people, plants, animals, the atmosphere. I could feel this energy, and see it.

In people, I can see their emotion. I can see their energy, I can read them.

I was visited by extraterrestrials.

Sometimes, during meditation, I see symbols, and glyphs. I research these symbols to find out they are actual religious symbols.

Ive had 1 very intense vision, where I saw how everything was connected.

Sometimes, during my visions, I am told to whether I am to give, or keep the glyph for myself. There is only 1, that I was told to keep for myself.

It seems that I go to another realm, a dimension of extreme depth and density.

I notice that nature itself tries to communicate with me.

When Im in public, its hard to control looking into people. I notice that makes them uncomfortable, so I try not to look at people, though it has kind of become an instinct, and I cant really stop unless I really just let my guard down.

So I wear sunglasses, to cover my eyes, as to not bother people with my gaze, because It really bothers them for some reason.. i also wear sunglasses if I am in a bad mood, so I dont spread my negative energy.

I also try to avoid eye contact unless I have to. I dont really like to read people. I dont want to know sometimes. It seems almost rude, and intrusive to me..

When people arent aware of their energy, I can feel all of their subconscious thoughts during interaction i.e. a conversation. I am always afraid that they know I know, but they never do..

Some people, do this naturally, and can pick it up, but cant really identify it. Though they know something is going on..

Some people, can hide their intent. But it still maifests in other ways that are easy to see, they can never truly hide it..

I dont literally hear their thoughts, its more of an intuition.
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pick up a crystal of quartz and look into it and ask 'i wonder what so and so is doing right now,you will see them,then you can fine tune your true being, love from your brother ,
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