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Message Subject I think I am starting to develop abilities from meditation
Poster Handle 13
Post Content
I also found that I can heal people. I can balance them. I can find weaknesses in their structure, and help them to correct them.

I can find where the energy is stagnating, and if it isnt too bad, I can help it along.

The person still has to remember what I told them, and retain the proper alignment, or they will just fall back into illness.

Its connected to emotion, stress, tension, energy, chemical balance, posture, facial expressions, thought, mind, its all connected.
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That's great, OP. What do you feel from nature? WE are connected to nature and to me, it's the most perfect example of god. I feel sorrow for nature.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12042051

Nature wants to help us. especially birds, and bees. they are the ones I feel most energy from.

the birds want to help, because they are rather dependant on us, as we are them. They recognize the balance that must be maintained, they know that helping those of like mind will result in good for both of our species.

The bees seem confused, almost angry. Resentful, and confused.

The spirit of the earth is growing weak. There is something affecting its frequency, almost like birth pains. Or growing pains. I sense her energy is weak, tired, exhausted.

The wind becomes harsher, like a strict parent.

the earth, harder, less merciful.

fire burns hotter, seeking to purify.

mankind grows wiser, in effort to save themselves.
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All creatures of the world are evolving slightly faster.

domesticated animals, will become more spiritual. Showing love to their young. Seeking god. Looking at the sky.

smaller creatures, like rodents, and fish, will also become more intelligent, all accordingly.

think of it as a level up.

New techniques will be formed, mutations will occur.
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