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Message Subject I think I am starting to develop abilities from meditation
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OP, you obviously have not read Revelations of an Elite Family Insider. and that's my intuition. why am i bringing that up?

because Insider said that the Creator penetrates EVERYTHING.

which correlates with what you're saying about NATURE giving you a message everywhere you go. the Creator penetrates EVERYTHING and it is "benevolent".

also, you obviously haven't read it because you're talking about "using it for humanity" (your newfound skill) however again, if you read what Insider said, this is not about a Mass Ascension event, it is an individual battle to ascend.

i see so many people caught up in the whole Mass Ascension movement and they can't even agree on simple things. many of these people have victim mentalities and welfare/self-righteous mentalities. they have some knowledge but don't want to put out more effort to acquiring more and actually implementing it in their daily lives which would make a million times more of a difference than just complaining about it and waiting for some ascension/savior. these individuals give up their free will (which is energy, all is energy) to a waiting game they can't even verify. blindly, too. just like the people they criticize (the sheeple).
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16994972

I understood part of your comment, and part of it somehow got lost somewhere.

Whether or not it is a "mass event," or whether it is an individual battle to ascend, one cannot be faulted for attempting to help others or humanity in general. This is what we're put down here to do. -Nonetheless, despite the OP's mention of helping humanity, I still hear far more ego than "servicing the whole" as the OP suggested.

Then there was the OP's statement concerning having made contact with extraterrestrials, but, not being able to divulge the information. wink

There's far too much here that does not make sense. I hope you didn't buy into it...but, I don't think you did.
 Quoting: Serenity777

i am not faulting anyone for ANYTHING. each individual has their OWN reality that makes sense for THEM and THEM alone. there is no RIGHT or WRONG or GOOD or BAD or FRIENDS or ENEMIES (in a way) for again, we each have different realities made up of different circumstances/characters.

i.e. a person is born a sheeple watching mainstream tv and believing everything the govt/media says. he develops cancer. doctors fail him. he gets so desperate that he tries alternative methods of healing. he finds out the Truth behind cures for cancer. thus, a BAD event like CANCER actually turns out to be the catalyst for something MUCH GREATER (the Truth). so again, there is no such thing as bad or good IN A WAY. it really boils down to how far down along the path of Truth you are and if you'll get there in this lifetime.

Insider said there are ET's. these ET's are the spiritual beings who created this planet (planned net) earth matrix for particular souls. Insider said every human here on Earth is corrupt and it is up to them if they want to pursue their half-angel part or their half-animal part (nephilim). it is a choice of free will.
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