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Message Subject I think I am starting to develop abilities from meditation
Poster Handle 13
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Dont get me wrong, Im supposed to use it for humanity, but im just not supposed to tell anyone what they said to me.
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Go back, read this thread, and really let it absorb into your mind what it is that you're saying. Seriously, I am trying to save you from embarrassment.
 Quoting: Serenity777

Why would I be embarrassed?
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I'm not for sure if you realize how egoic this sounds. And if its egoic, it certainly isn't good.

Secondly, if you tell people that you were contacted by extra-terrestrials and then say, "But, its a secret," you will have closed down any communication from people who may have otherwise had interest. -And when a person automatically creates that little "avenue" as an "out," often...THEY'RE LYING.

I'm not saying that you are...but, it definitely APPEARS that way.
 Quoting: Serenity777

I dont keep my extraterrestrial visitation a secret, Ive told the story many times.

I was almost asleep, I noticed my roof was gone. I felt myself floating in the air, I saw a giant space craft with a 40ft radius.

I woke up, and an extraterrestrial was staring me right in the face, as if to wake me, or check if I was okay, I was sedated. I smiled, it smiled back, looked at me like I was a puppy or something xD.

Walked me thru the ship, I saw another extraterrestrial, on a giant comuter, with buttons, he was pressing. He kind of sneered at me, like you would if you didnt like cats, and you saw one..

I was shown a planet. I remember Rings. and moons.

I was then walked to a table, where I lay face down.

I was then somewhere in the ceiling for a moment, as if I had been seperated from my body.

They pulled down various monitors over my body, and examined it.

Their technology was amazing. It was akin to a touchscreen/xray. All they had to do, was touch an organ, and literally pull it out and look at it. While the body was in some type of stasis. Rifts in space time, they obviously have control over enourmous amounts of energy.

I remember the interior of the ship. A cold blue metal was the floor, a type of tile.

The ship was made of interlocking, (what I can best describe as) tubes. Thru these transparent tubes, passed a thin line of a type of energy, or chemical..

it was under some type of magnetic field, because it was thin, either that, or it was a type of laser.

The ship was arranged in a geometrical pattern, and completely transparent, save for a few parts of the ship..

Their appearance, was slightly larger, stocky? long arms, big hands, long fingers, they moved very slowly, and calculated, as if they were moving thru water.

skin was a shade of purple. Large, almond brown eyes, very vivd and bright, as if they absorb light. Huge eyes, about 3 times the size of human eyes.

Small not very pronounced nose, nostrils, small, slit like.

No lips really, a mouth, that I never saw open, they spoke telepathically, they seemed to project a type of thought energy from their bodies, and movements.

The way they were dressed, reminded me of ancient africans, or native amricans. A type of shawl, or robe, with ornate patterns, kind of like a poncho, with long sleeves, i saw the arm, and part of the wrist. I could not see the feet. They wore hats, and jewels. They were not scary, they just did not look human. Their faces showed expression, just like humans.

I also saw a female, who came out of a chamber, to look at me, I felt kind of like a wild animal, but A noble one, like a tiger, thats how they looked at me, almost with adoration. She was wearing a tiara, with a blue gem, I remember in vivid detail.

The smell of the air was sterile, but when they pulled out my organs, I could smell them. Some smelled rotten.. They were looking for something inside of me..

When I first arrived on the ship, the extraterrestrialspoke to me in its language,it told me not to be afraid, and I wasnt afraid at all, I felt wave of energy course thru my brain, and I was connected with its thoughts, emotions, and feelings.. It was happy with me, almost like a vet would praise a tame animal.
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