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Message Subject I think I am starting to develop abilities from meditation
Poster Handle 13
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i have heard similar ET abduction stories, OP.

i've heard of the possibility that since we are entering a New Age, they are in the process of picking the most advanced souls on the planet to serve as the rules of humanity for the next age.

the illuminati aren't bad. that's what people get wrong. the illuminati save humanity from itself. if the illuminati let their control structure go, most of the corrupt souls on this planet would kill each other like animals. all this according to Insider from my rough but seemingly likely interpretation.

the real illuminati live 300-400 years and that is because it is necessary to keep good control over humanity in this matrix. there is more.

you may have seen saturn. that planet keeps popping up everywhere regarding where the control comes from.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16994972

I feel that these spirits, and entities that are contacting me, want me to search for people. I am supposed to see certain people.

It is looking for people.
 Quoting: 13 27834799

it may be so. perhaps to develop yourself. and not to implant any fearful ideas inside you, but be wary of some spirits. i've heard that once your 3rd eye opens, you can see all kinds of spirits, good and bad.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16994972

Youre right. I do see bad spirits.

Many of them are actually after me.

It seems I stand as the other polarity, therefore, I also attract evil.

I dont fear it though, Those who possess truth are not permitted to fear evil.
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