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Message Subject I think I am starting to develop abilities from meditation
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I dont believe in "Elite families" I believe that all knowledge that man possesses can be shared and learned accordingly. The only thing seperating them, is access to physical knowledge. But the key is, that the true knowledge, is not physical,

And we all possess the key to unlock it.

I also do not believe in the word "individual" What is an individual? Name one thing that is individual. Down to the smallest known particle. Everything is connected in some way.

To work for the whole, one can also achieve self contentment.

People need time to learn and reflect. Action is not always taken right away, and most of the time, that is for the better.

Time is made for biding. All things will not happen in an instant.
 Quoting: 13 27834799

please do not be offended. elite insider did not say that only certain people could access their higher selves. i am not sure why you are assuming that, and don't take this the wrong way, but it is not wise to assume things unless they are specifically said like that word for word and that is what the speaker also meant. which is not what i said. you have to understand this: Most people don't choose to believe this knowledge. they have their own standards of reality (sex, food, drugs, tv, cars, wealth, etc). they think that is happiness (even though it's a snake eating its own tail, thus the symbolism of reincarnation EVERYWHERE i.e. when a web page is loading, the circle going around reprsenting the load time is the wheel of karma/the cycle one stays in if they do not use their free will to pursue Higher Purposes). you have to understand that most people don't care about that kind of stuff and only want carnal pleasure. projecting your experience and wants for Higher Purposes into other people's wants is not wise. i've done this. they do not want to hear it. they have their own path/reality they want to live out. and they should. we all deserve free will/choice. but there are consequences. remember, there are great things learned in bad experiences. how do you know what life is made up of and how to ascend unless you tear it apart?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16994972

Not offended at all.

I agree that as humans, we have to overcome our "animalistic" urges, and even instincts. Sex, food, etc..

I know for a fact that it isnt easy. Controlling ones desires and focusing on mankind is the highest achievement of enlightenment, of course, its not gonna be easy..

Does that mean that people cant achieve it?

Well, It all depends.

spiritual leaders are few and far between. But one true spiritual leader, can create 10. and those 10, can create one hundred.

many people choose to hide their spiritual knowledge, even weaponize it.

These factors are what will determine how quickly enlightenment and peace will arive.

It will arrive no matter what, unless humanity fails, and destroys itself, but we all have guidance. All it takes is one person, one thought, to change everything.
 Quoting: 13 27834799

OP, the way you think is very very very reminiscent of how i used to think. and no, that comment is not a slight to you, please do not take it that way.

and i am contradicitng myself here by talking with you (but only because i feel you have something valuable to offer me). but the best way to show others is to model it. people don't learn by someone telling them the Truth via words. the Truth must be experienced or even seen in front of their eyes (their eyes, which are carnal represensations of the way they choose to view the world). and it would have to be an amazing feat like walking on water, teleporting, telekinesis. all abilities which are real and take place on this planet already. but there is a reason you do not see them in the public or on video. because it is not allowed by the Higher Spirits, it seems. there is a value in creating ignorance.

the reason there is ignorance is to protect them from knowledge. knowledge learned too quick can be upsetting and fatal even (i presume). also, it is a process and if learned in another way, it just not would be the same or even learning it really.

thus, these Higher Spirits control what is seen and what is not. if you're teleporting and moving objects with your mind, chances are they have already recruited you or you already know the Truth of how this planet works.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16994972

I dont think I have teleported things with my mind yet..

But I do agree, that too much knowledge, too fast, will almost certainly be rejected.

There is a chance though, that the majority stands in favor of enlightenment, and if that happens, the tide will shift.
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