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Message Subject I think I am starting to develop abilities from meditation
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
also, i have heard they fake war death pictures in order to teach humans lessons.

so for example, when a bomb goes off in Gaza and blows off a kid's head, we see that in a video or on the news and think "that kid suffered pain and died". that is ASSUMING. we do NOT know if that kid suffered when he died. an ANGEL or HIGHER SPIRITUAL BEING could've taken that kid out of the body 5 seconds before the bomb went off and freed it of pain while us humans on earth assume there was pain and accumulate negative energy as a result.

we create our own realities. yes, we are connected with others, however, we have the power to manipulate this dynamic. there are too many corrupt souls on this planet in order to do the whole Enlightement for the Masses and Mass Ascension. this planet/matrix was not designed for that. Insider says that kind of mentality is for another realm/stage.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16994972

I have tried to teach enlightenment first hand. I realize the burden of a teacher/guru. I realize that I take on the burdens of those I seek to help. If I werent confident in my energy, I wouldnt try. Sometimes, I am taught harsh lessons, as people can be very defensive, and hardened by their lives. My truth keeps me stable in the tide.

Many are only able to grasp parts of it.

You begin to see the burdens of a spiritual teacher, you are not allowed to lose hope in people, for if you do, you let them go, they wander off, to be lost, or taken by demons.

Some people, I am fighting demons for.

When I say demon, I am not referring to the biblical demon per se, I am referring also to self inflicted ailments, psychological barriers...

You see that people will not always listen the first time, and sometimes, it takes a while for them to open up to it.

A false spiritual leader will give up, and condemn people.
 Quoting: 13 27834799

OP, you have your own demons to fight. just like you said, they can only grasp parts of it because they have only experienced so much. they can't learn until they experience it first hand. it's like knowing kansas is going to blow up tomorrow 100% and then going to someone in kansas and saying, "get out of town! this place is gonna blow tomorrow!". they will not listen to you or leave. because they dont have first hand direct knowledge that it will blow up. this is the way the world works. also, by you thinking you're helping others, you're losing a lot of your own energy which isn't as efficient as harnessing that energy for yourself to accumulate for more abilities. you are not finished with yourself. also, you will be helping others even MORE by focusing on YOURSELF more. that is just how the world works. unless they come to you for help, then you can help them. otherwise, do not seek them. they will seek you. that is how it works, i have found. i hope i do not sound too imposing. but i probably am. this is why Insider says it's best to keep to yourself. harness the energy for yourself. the reason i'm talking to you is because i am interested in your power. i know you have it. most others reading this thread think you're a lunatic or don't know enough to believe you. but i have enough information, experience, and intuition to know that that your OP is truth and somethign you are experiencing.
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