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Message Subject I think I am starting to develop abilities from meditation
Poster Handle 13
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So exactly 'who' is telling you which visions you can and cannot share with others?


Does that imply these visions are connected with the 'beings' that you met?

If so, does it not raise some concern that these visions are connected to a 3rd party or intermediary?


Honestly, Some, I am actually afraid of.

Not all of them tell me nice things.

Sometimes they tell me horrible things, things that scare me.

They are different spirits, you can tell the good ones, and the bad ones, after time. But the bad ones will always decieve you, and be secretive, invasive.. They will try to confuse you.

The ones that showed me the vision I was supposed to keep, they were from a benevolent place. A place where everything was connected, eternal. A center, with an endless horizon.

I was told that I could control both good spirits, and bad. Neither could harm me, in fact, they both work for me.

The bad spirits seek forgiveness in this realm.
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