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Message Subject I think I am starting to develop abilities from meditation
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
i also heard someone say that at the end of this age, (possibly 2012? doesn't seem likely though) that there are entities trapping our souls here on this planet to sap our energy (possibly use it a la vampirism for special purposes. i.e. reptilians using lower energy levels to feed off of, and annuaki using us to mine gold which one Insider says is true in a certain way but isn't as malicious as most think). but that there will be a point between the two Ages where our souls will be able to free themselves and if we start to use those lucid dream abilities and escape this Matrix/Planet, we will be able to escape, but that if one is stuck in Fear and in all the ignorant beliefs about not having a spirit, then they will stay here trapped by the Entities.

that is mere speculation but something to keep in mind and perhaps food for thought.
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