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Message Subject I think I am starting to develop abilities from meditation
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i had a lucid dream a couple of months ago and this is how it worked:

i was walking down a path next to a highway, but it was like where the tunnels/hills/dips are, you know? but it's an open path with nothing really surrounding me. and i'm just walking. i start to jump uup and down. just for fun. but then in the process of this, either i start remembering my ability or it just happens.... but, everytime i jump in the air while walking along this path, my body lingers in the air for longer than usual. i notice this. then i start jumping higher to see if i linger longer in the air. and that's what starts to happen. then guess what? i start to believe/fee/think i can fly. and guess what? i start to fly. i'm flying over the town over people playing in the park doing their normal everyday deeds. but get this. everytime i start to doubt my ability to fly and start thinking "this isn't possible", my ability to fly disappears and i start to fall towards the ground. as soon as i start to think ic an fly and empower myself again, though, i go back up and start flying again.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16994972

Those dreams are fun.

They say, that when you can fly in your dreams, you are one that has great control over their own lives.

"this isnt possible" probably reflects the doubt, that prevents you from flying.

I have dreams like that too.

Once I darted up into the sky, and looked at the city, from miles up..

Sometimes, I am like an animal, running on all fours..
 Quoting: 13 27834799

i don't get dreams like that often. most of my dreams are bad. but i have a feeling i know how to reverse this, but right now i'm still choosing certain carnal pleasures that weigh on my Higher Abilities. i'm working on myself.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16994972

We could never know that fire burns until we feel its heat. All things are learned in time.
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