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Message Subject I think I am starting to develop abilities from meditation
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So that Ma Bu stance and how much meditation per day did you do?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28765867

Its potency will increase, as your "chi gong" skill increases with constant practice.

You should start with every other day, you can give yourself a break on weekends.

You should stand, until your body feels the strain, which will deepen your breathing, and allow you to reach deeper states of relaxation. With these deeper states, come deeper body awareness. The spine should be as "a string of pearls, suspended from above"

If you feel like pushing yourself, go for it. You can also transition to other stances, as long as the legs stay bent. Focus on the abdomen, and when you accumulate enough chi, it will open, and the chi will flow outwards. When you reach this stage, circulate the chi thru the whole body, balance the chi. And when finished, Rub the skin, and lightly massage the energy into the body.

The sensation of chi, may vary. It can feel cold, hot, tingly, pressure...

On days where you dont feel any energy, dont worry about it. SOme days, your energy will be stronger than others.

Try to keep a consistent schedule of training for atleast 2-3 months.

You want the chi to open up in the legs.

These days, I only do intense training every so often..

My skill is adequate to build enough energy to circulate, it has resonant effects which last for about 1-2 weeks, depending on your skill, at first the effects only last about a day.. which is why commitment and practiced is required every other day, consistently, as to not let the accumulated energy dissipate. Because it will..

Building too much energy can also be harmful, to the kidneys. There is a saying, "cooked, but not burned"
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