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Message Subject I think I am starting to develop abilities from meditation
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Its best to practice standing meditation, where there is fresh air, in the shade. Try not to stand in the scorching sun.

If you can find a nice safe place, with trees, and fresh air. that is the best. Seclusion is nice, but there is no need to venture out into the wilderness and put yourself in danger. A nice backyard, or peacefull setting will work.

If you do it indoors, make sure there is good air circulation, not too cold though.. you will be generating lots of heat, which can get trapped in your body in the form of condensation, which is not good.

Its not good for a beginner to practice in fog, rain, or extreme cold, or hot weather.

Advanced proponents can meditate in extreme cold, heat, snow, etc, to advance their abilities.

One should avoid alchohol, and tobacco. Alchohol will dirupt the brain, and destroy your focus. Tobacco has 1001 chemical added to it. Plus nicotine will have the same effect as alchohol. It will destroy your center.

Standing meditation? Interesting. I'll certainly try it.

I think I can feel the chi in my third eye, crown and throat chakras, like a vibration, or pressure. Or is that something different?
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