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Message Subject I think I am starting to develop abilities from meditation
Poster Handle 13
Post Content
Standing meditation? Interesting. I'll certainly try it.

I think I can feel the chi in my third eye, crown and throat chakras, like a vibration, or pressure. Or is that something different?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28765867

You dont want it there yet.

You want it in the "dantien" the abdominal region, particularly, four finger widths below the navel, 3 finger widths in.

The reason that you dont want it there yet, is that chi will accumulate there. If you do not know how to disperse chi, you will get blockages.

If you have a blackage in the crown chakra, you get dizzy, faint, nauseated..

A blockage in the third eye will give you terrible headaches.

In your throat, you will start to hold back your thoughts, not express them. You can develop speech disorders, and you may choke on your food alot.
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