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Message Subject Why Liberals Prefer Star Trek, and Conservatives Star Wars.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
But what if they BOTH bore the crap out of you?

Old school sci-fi or nothing.

Gee, is ALIEN more "badass" than Predator? Oooo, such deep meaning in that one.

Take all the lame, repetitious cool special effects and give me something to think about. I'll fill in the blanks with MY imagination, not some over paid Hollyweird team writers. (I spent 14 years in the film business in Tinseltown and designed and built a lot of sets. Money does NOT equate to creativity there anymore. Low budge artists are motivated more by art and imagination than Benjamin's and Mercedes Benz.
 Quoting: Captain Spaulding 28677753

Go read a book then. Movies are visual, hence why they're on a screen and moving. If you want to use your imagination pick a fucking book up and stop whinning
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