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Message Subject Obamas plan 20-day, $4 million vacation...during Time of Fiscal Cliff hitting US Economy
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Rich people spend $4 million on a vacation.

Growing up, my parent spent $20k to $40k on one to two week vacations we took every year; they were just upper middle class ($400k a year household). I can see $4 million on 20 days for the upper class.

Anyway. He doesn't need to be around to prevent the fiscal cliff, he doesn't make the laws, he signs them. If congress passes something, he said he will sign it. Even if he isn't there, the auto pen is.

Wait for congress to act, and then for him not to, to be upset. Until then, you are just blowing smoke.
 Quoting: A Pimp Named Slick Back 24419860

If Obama is so rich, why isn't that thug using his own personal money for this and all his other vacations?

As president, his salary isn't really high and he should live within his presidential salary while president. After that, the fucker can do what he wants.

OBAMA, looking after the little people!!!!!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28304865

Perks of the job. When I travel for work, I'm well taken care of on the company dime. I'm sure others with good jobs can say the same.
 Quoting: A Pimp Named Slick Back 24419860

I don't know about you, but if the US was a business, it couldn't afford to send anyone anywhere. Go suck Obama's balls more you idiot. Libertarian my ass.
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