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Message Subject Obamas plan 20-day, $4 million vacation...during Time of Fiscal Cliff hitting US Economy
Poster Handle gasping at gangstas
Post Content
There is serious doubt that Congress can get a deal done before the first of the year. That means that just about the time that tens of thousands are getting pink slips due to budget cuts, and milllions will be seeing a smaller paycheck. the president will be showing off his impressive pecs to reporters on some pristine beach owned by a rich guy who supported him.
Good to know our president cares so much about the little guy.
 Quoting: Philligan

this is the same he did when he left and that missel went off that was seen over cali. Wake up people! Why now the most important time in mankind history . The moon and that planet or starship next to it last night, what happen here on earth since then florida a hiway was washed away and ohio the ground open up and in Pa. And La. And now the president is leaving during the the tipping point. Not good! I sure hope you all got enough food and water for 6months.wtfbump
 Quoting: HumanCountDown2013 20578441

Who fucking cares? Are you still dumb enough not to understand hes just a figure head? I mean you people fucking know this but still are up the guys ass. Fuck me. It doesnt matter if he was on Mars for a fucking month.

 Quoting: Fatstogie

It's not about the decision making.

It's about throwing around our money while we suffer.
 Quoting: Tuko

He's a king also known as dictator. But I call him the lawless one..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28536338

That's gangsta.
 Quoting: LunaticFringe

Does somebody have a flyswatter?

:Obama Fly:
 Quoting: 13th-Century

Who spends 4 million!! on a vacation??
 Quoting: Philligan

I do not even know any "rich" people who could even consider spending $4 million on a vacation.

Just love the Elitist Hypocrite in Chief.

:Miss Temper:
 Quoting: Lady Jane Smith

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