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Message Subject Obamas plan 20-day, $4 million vacation...during Time of Fiscal Cliff hitting US Economy
Poster Handle Observer
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Has anyone considered that this vacation planning and its detals such as cost and location during these economic hardships our country is facing was designed and shared with the public to be used as a decoy? A 20 day vacation from December 17th until January 6th ?
Has this ever happened before during any other administration a vacation for that length of time and during that exact time of year and if so was it announced to the public along with its details.

On a separate note yet related in so many ways. The top 200 US private firms earned about $1.5 trillion in 2012 with names such as Cargill and Bechtel construction firm. Private firms or privately held corporations never have to disclose the source of their income to anyone. The same company with has built many underground facilities in the US and other Countrys in the past. Koch Industries, a privatly held conglomerate who's top expertise is petroleum and natural gas infrastructure design and construction, which has also been involved in the construing numerous substructures that provide energy for power, heating and cooling for many of the same underground facilities built by Bechtel. We cannot conclude this without mentioning the largest privately In the US by revenue with a $134 Billion in 2012 which again is responsible for the procurement and processing of food.
These are just something to consider, I am not claming this to the truth but rather some interesting connections I have made during my research since none of what makes sense anymore. We have been lied to and missled too many time in the past and it is time for us to begin demanding to know how or tax money is spent especially when it is been diverted to privately held corporations. Our nation debt is over $16 Trillion for those of you who are not aware. That is $16 TRILLION and continues to go up... Cmon people how are going to ever pay this back. Of course I don't expect a lot of you to respond to this part but if you do then I ask to take the time to research it or get some who knows what this means before responding. We have enough uninformed people out there and we do not need anymore.
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