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Message Subject My sister-in-law told me this week she was in love with me, don't know what to do!
Poster Handle Angelic_Warrior
Post Content
By the fact that you posted this here and by your responses here, I can see you are already in trouble. You are entertaining a fantasy that will not end well for you. I’m going to give you some tough love brother:

I know that, especially since you are married, you are flattered by the attention. But you wouldn’t act on it right? She’s got you right where she wants you though. Whether you act on it or not now she wins. She’s planted the seed. She’s got you thinking about her. She’ll gauge your reaction and keep you twisting in the wind now with a little wink here, a smile there. If you are like most men you will be stupid and crack. She doesn’t need you to though. Stop playing her game.

Let me let you in on something, most of these types of situations rarely have anything to do with the man. Many women are very competitive; especially sisters and “best friends”. Many women naturally want the man their sister has, or best friend, cousin, woman next door, etc etc. But it’s not really the man they want. What they want is to know they can have, and/or did have, their sister’s or best friend’s man. They want to know they are better than the other females they know.

If you love your wife you wouldn’t even consider acting on such a thing. You’d chalk it up for what it is “female rivalry” and if your sister-in-law approaches you again you’d tell her, with no emotion and in no uncertain terms, that you are flattered but she shouldn’t entertain such notions, that you love your wife. Because if you don’t, even if you don’t act on your sister-in-law’s advances, if she thinks she’s got you thinking about her you are doing your wife dirty. Your sister-in-law and everybody she knows will have less respect for you and your wife. Even if you acted on it and got away with it is your sister-in-law that much better of a person than your wife that she deserves to have that over your wife? If she is, if anybody is, why did you marry your wife in the first place?
 Quoting: measure

I really like this!

Especially the first part. Men have such weak egos.. so you're good looking.. nothing more than a conquest.
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