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Message Subject Nuclear Christmas in the U.S?
Poster Handle Chris12138
Post Content
This thread gets 5 looney toons out of 5.
 Quoting: Chris12138

The threat might be more realistic than you expect.

Would you recognize a deuterium bomb being installed on top of your local news station as a piece of "antenna equipment?"

The news people, the truck driver delivering it, the security personnel, and pretty much everyone else involved would not know the difference between one bulky piece of equipment and another one with a bomb inside.

If the feds were smart, they would have let a whole lot of fake bombs get loose and watch who buys them and where they get sent.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 13825301

I don't doubt that the threat is very real. I just think this particularly story comes from a crappy Iranian source and is based on a pretty mundane announcement.
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