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Message Subject The Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ)))Christian Post
Poster Handle Ice
Post Content
You do know that you are "your lord" right? It wasn't until the Johnny come lately's of religion (Jews/Jesus/Islam) came along that the lord became something outside of yourself.

Sumerian Book of Gilgamesh (were the flood story/Noah was ripped-off from plus half a dozen other stories you don't know about because all you read is the copied version) and Zoroastrian, Hinduism plus several more pre-date your version by millenia. Don't believe me, search and you will find (which also was ripped-off).
 Quoting: brent pops

Already searched - Pre-date, no they don't pre-date the oral history that Moses wrote down. This is the very reason God had Moses write it down... because corrupt culters were distorting the true story.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28719727

The information age + modern religions = Eventual Truth

Don't blindly follow anyone or anything. If your "religion" is the same as others in your family, question that. If questioning makes you uneasy, ask yourself why?

If you were adopted by a pagan cult leader at birth, chances are you'd still be in that pagan cult (pagan was a word used by the Catholics to warrent genicide by the way) One of the oldest known sayings known to history (Indus Valley, Egypt, Sumer, Cambodia) is "Know Theyself" If ANY "religion" tells you NO Its more important to "Know" This Person OR That Person/Place/Thing RUN (don't walk) away from those Charletens..
 Quoting: brent pops

I don't blindly do anything

My faith is in a living God
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