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Message Subject The Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ)))Christian Post
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
One thing to consider is that after Jesus was Crucified and Resurrected on the 3rd day, he ascended in to heaven TWICE. The first time was right after he appeared to Mary at the tomb when he said "do not tough me for I have not yet ascended to my father"

Jesus's first ascension was PRIVATE/SECRET. After he ascended the Father declared his sacrifice as full payment for the penalty of sin and Jesus was seated at the right had of the Father in a ceremonial sense.

Jesus came back down to Earth where he appeared to the Disciples and many others for several days before his 2nd ascension which was PUBLIC.

Jesus told the Disciples that he would return as he left. i.e. ascending in the clouds.

The Harpazo (Rapture) will be the PRIVATE return of Christ to meet his Bride in the clouds. (Timing of that event is up to you)

The PUBLIC return of Christ will be when he splits open the heavens and returns to the Mount Of Olives where every eye will see him.
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