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Message Subject BREAKING: TSA refuses to attend hearing as requested by Congressional Transportation and Infrastructure Committee
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Executive branch tyranny. Obama's SS troops do not answer to the people and just enough useful idiots voted to keep them in power longer.
 Quoting: Resister

Governments and religions go thru a house cleaning every once in a while. They get too top heavy, too complex, militant, blatant and greedy then fall creating hell for everyone. They are blind to historical facts that think it will somehow be different for them this time.

BUT, who is really to blame? Studies show that sociopaths account for only about 1 or2% of the population. Remember in school when one or two kids spoiled some privilege for the whole class. Why let 1% spoil it for the rest?

The larger percentage of the people is too complacent and has always suffered from their inaction. Change and revolutions happen when the pain of doing nothing becomes intolerable and the people have no recourse but revolt.

America and the world are on the verge of that revolt. The corpcrapacy know this and feeds the sheeple the latest “hope and change”. When that starts to wear thin, a new hope and change is fed to them. When hope and change wears too thin, a police state emerges to quell the masses. This is sort of like the good cop/bad cop game. Eventually it all ends in a revolution.

Then it slowly starts up again. IMO, the world is crazy.
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