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I have my screen split between watching this moment in history and tracking the storm heading for San Francisco.

I knew there was a UN/San Francisco connection, just found it:

The United Nations’ Founders

Forty-five years ago, while the fires of an epic war still raged across two oceans and two continents, a small group of men and women began a search for hope amid the ruins. They gathered in San Francisco, stepping back from the haze and horror, to try to shape a new structure that might support an ancient dream.
- George Bush October 1, 1990

Interpreting Bush’s concept of New World Order begins with identifying the “UN’s founders.”

Who were these men and women “gathered in San Francisco?”

Before pursuing that question, though, it is interesting to note that Bush was not basing his “big idea” on the founding fathers of this great nation, but on a less infamous group of UN founders. In fact, our nation’s founding fathers may not have been enamored with the whole concept of a United Nations.

For instance, George Washington commented in his farewell address that, “the great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is in extending our commercial relations, but to have with them as little political connection as possible.”

San Francisco Conference

The United Nations charter was established at the San Francisco Conference in June, 1945. By analyzing the events leading up to the conference and identifying some of the key players, it may be possible to pinpoint Bush’s “UN founders.”

The War and Peace Studies of World War II provided the backdrop for the development of the United Nations. After 1942, all study groups of the War and Peace Studies shifted focus from the war effort to developing the structure and responsibilities of the future United Nations organization.

In fact, “quite a few members of the War and Peace Studies groups, after leaving the program, participated in the preparatory conference at Dumbarton Oaks or served in advisory positions at the organizing conference of the United Nations in San Francisco in June 1945. Some of them actually attained positions of considerable influence.”
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