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It is no use talking with you anymore.
How much more will God abide in His Mercy on us when most of the unbelievers have gotten so cold and turned their back on Him?

Still many should believe but the Lord I pray will act on this.

That His Holy Word will stand and people over the world will see that God IS Holy.

In Jesus Christ!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1159544

You do know that it was the Jews who cried for Jesus death don't you?
Do you have any idea how Christians are treated in Jerusalem?

[link to www.compassdirect.org]
Jewish Christian in Israel Seeks Protection from Repeated Attacks

Police unresponsive to U.S.-born activist assaulted for his faith.

JERUSALEM, December 28 (CDN) — A Christian of Jewish origin who has been attacked on the streets here four times because of his faith in Christ is seeking police protection.

Jerusalem resident Yossi Yomtov said police have been slow to investigate hate crimes against him by youths wearing kippahs, cloth skullcaps typically worn by observant Jews. In two of the attacks a youth plied him with pepper spray and stun gun shocks, he said.

“This young man cursed me for my belief in Christ,” Yomtov told Compass. “He used ugly curses and spoke in highly abusive language.”

Radical, Orthodox Jews Attack Christians in Israel
[link to studygrowknowblog.com]

As a Christian who supports Israel’s right to exist, I believe from Scripture that I understand God’s intent with Israel as a nation. I also understand that radical Jews can be some of the most virulently opposed individuals to Christianity than anyone.

Christianity in Jerusalem Under Attack? Extremists Hit Another Church
[link to global.christianpost.com]

Another Christian church in Jerusalem was vandalized by spray-painted death threats and vulgar remarks against Christianity Sunday night, in what is being described by police as another "price tag" attack by Jewish extremists.

"Death to Christianity," "Mary was a prostitute," and "We will crucify you" were found graffitied at the Narkis Street Baptist Congregation on Sunday, believed to be the latest "price tag" attacks by extremist Jews protesting non-Jewish settlements and communities being built in the area.

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