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Message Subject "Fiscal Cliff" - Increasingly Likely & Desirable?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ultimately, we will all pay.

Perhaps it is time to just let it all collapse and then rebuild.

We know if we just give those in DC and the White House more money, they will just spend it and waste it on all sorts of things and all sorts of crazy grants and earmarked projects added on to every bill in Congresss.

You can bet it will not be just the "rich" who pay for it.

It is Obama's disaster now....no more blaming Bush.
 Quoting: anonanon 4148733

 Quoting: Carol B.

But he doesn't care. Having had his last election, he has more flexibility. He doesn't need to care what anyone thinks of him, whether it's about lies coming from Susan Rice or any other issue.
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