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Message Subject Homeless for the Holidays - Hurricane Sandy Victims Being Evicted Friday
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
think about all that money raised for all those people and NONE of them seen a dime

think about that

is that pissing anyone off?

pisses me off..

this is why I never ever donate any more cause the fucking money never gets to the people who need it

someone is always skimming from the top

back in the day I use to run art contests

one of the prizes would be to donate to their favorite charity usually it was RED CROSS because all these artists were scattered all over the world I did it on line for the donations

and would have a screen capture to show the person who won moneys were donated in their name...

but the sad part is ......... those moneys were not donated... it went who the fuck knows where.......

when ever there is a fire here? yah sure the family lost everything ill hear the family was hooked up with a 1 night hotel what is that like 50.00?

its not some glorious hotel either... they just lost everything

red cross hooks them up for one NIGHT!

anyone wants to help sandy victims go to the store your self buy food buy gas get a hotel prepaid in their name for the family

deliver it your self

Christmas is around the corner I hope to hear of some nice stories of secret santas...
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