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Message Subject Homeless for the Holidays - Hurricane Sandy Victims Being Evicted Friday
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I can tell you flat out that the money raised doesn't go to the people DIRECTLY and IF it does, its something like 100 bucks IF that much.

Donated clothing first goes to the sorters. The SORTERS take the NICE clothes for themselves and families leaving the CRAP for the victims.

Donated FOOD is done the SAME WAY. Visit a food pantry and see what you get. Half-eaten pizza in a plastic bag, crumbled biscuits and 10 year old expired Ramen noodles is what you get.

Like someone else said earlier, if you want to make sure your money goes to the ones who NEED it, you are better off delivering it YOURSELF directly TO THEM.

As far as these people getting tossed out in the streets....its called CODE ENFORCEMENT. These 'Dump Deputies' work for your state and local g-men to ensure that you do NOT succeed in cleaning up OR repairing because they want your MONEY (in the form of FINES) or they want your PROPERTY.

Keep voting these satanic asswipe sons of bitches into office. THIS is what you get.
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