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Message Subject Fuck The Nobody
Poster Handle Perseus7
Post Content

Don't spin your bullshit and claim justice, when what you are talking off is revenge. You self righteous prat.

Get off you fucking high horse.
 Quoting: Aunty Flo

see?.. itsa thread flo..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22847731

wow that was deep flo.. but whos stalking again?.. fact is..
No, you're trying to claim apples be oranges. If someone is waiting for justice or hurt to happen to someone, then it's a selfish claim. Justice is never selfish, just is justice. Revenge is selfish, and the person you are speaking for in the above post, is waiting for revenge for some perceived slight. The woman you speak of, and claim has no control over her destiny, is not a slave to her destiny.

Sounds like your Nobody needs to suck it up and go stalk someone other.
 Quoting: Aunty Flo

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22847731

You are NubS

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