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Message Subject can you read Obammies palm?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Barrack Obama’s Palm

Arnold Holtzman, Phd. (September 2009) ..Permission to reprint and distribute this page is permitted for all purposes other than commercial.

[link to pdc-psyche.net]

44th and 45th President of the United States.

The Complete Narcissist
With President Obama we find these adjustments manifesting primarily in the entrenchment of defenses.

The Negative Oral Personality:
The waist formation at the base phalanx of President Obama's little finger tells us that in his earliest developmental phases this was not his experience... that the very reverse was true. Painful stresses of some order, possibly of a physical nature, had overtaken his sensibilities and sensitivities. So that at a time when he was in a wholly and totally dependent state his circumstances were at their most terrible. This person would feel that directly behind his back was a terrifying chasm and that there were always forces pulling him into it. The need to keep at a distance from the edge of the precipice often persists a lifetime.

So the determined striving for strong and absolute controls, and the fears that would overtake him if he was ever utterly dependent on anyone for anything, would be the first and most manifest expressions of this crisis originating in his very earliest developmental phase.

link above, this is a very interesting analysis
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