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Message Subject can you read Obammies palm?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Barrack Obama’s Palm

Arnold Holtzman, Phd. (September 2009) ..Permission to reprint and distribute this page is permitted for all purposes other than commercial.

[link to pdc-psyche.net]

The Impotence of Will: text and illustration on page 99
Look again at the photo above of President Obama alongside the Russian president Dmitry Medvedev. Look at their thumbs. Presidet Obama has his thumb bent, president Medvedev keeps his straight. A bent thumb is always an indication of impotence and helplessness which the individual would be experiencing at that moment. You can be sure that behind the flashing smiles and air of confidence President Obama knew his failures at their meeting were total.

We find the same thumb on the photo at the left. Make no mistake - a bent thumb exposes weakness and uncertainties... a sense of impotence and abject helplessness that invariably overwhelms the mind of its bearer.

Those three dark spots at the base of his fingers in fig. 3 and fig 4 would normally be calluses on the hands of workmen. I'm not sure that what we see here are calluses. I could be wrong.

Such strong marking, albeit rare - very rare, in fact - are sometimes seen on individuals whose lives, for whatever reason, don't belong to them. These would be more common markings on the hands of a woman, who, for example, had suffered very critical and overbearing parents and then continued to deny her own self and core identity to save a marriage with a difficult husband. So the actual significance of these markings remain somewhat unclear to me. But they would have significance.
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