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Message Subject can you read Obammies palm?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Barrack Obama’s Palm

Arnold Holtzman, Phd. (September 2009) ..Permission to reprint and distribute this page is permitted for all purposes other than commercial.

[link to pdc-psyche.net]

Paranoia: text and illustration on page 42; text from page 413

In Psychodiagnostic Chirology (PDC) we identify expressions in the psyche, and their settings in the palms of the hands, that give representation to Freud's Life, Sex and Death instincts. We have permitted ourselves considerable re-labeling here, so that while we may still speak of a "Death" instinct, for example, we find nothing here that relates to death proper. We find that the function of all the instincts, without exception, is to preserve and maintain life. Each instinct, therefore, is geared to provide the individual with an instinctual reponse to whatever is perceived as a threat to that individual's security. It is the function of the Death instinct to sensitize the individual to his inherent vulnerability and move him to separate himself from whatever is considered threatening.

In fg. 4 note the area of the palm encircled in red and the strong line leading from it that climbs to the base of the fingers. In PDC it is the function of the lines to trace the sources of information, how that information is processed, to where the information is being delivered, how is it understood and what would be the anticipated response.

The area of the palm encircled in red is the seat of the Death instinct. Normally this is a quiet area , but as seen in the palm of president Obama, the temper of this area, the sense of vulnerability, becomes extremely heightened when tapped by the line sinking into it, and delivered to the dimension of mind and conscious awareness.

This will lend a decidedly paranoid quality to the president's evaluation of just about everything that has a bearing on his life. He will examine everything that touches his life under a magnifying glass with the intention of exposing anything that may hurt him. It would be his feeling that there would always be something hidden in circumstances, words and intentions that would be intended to damage him.

This is definitely not a feature one would like to find on a person with the power available to the president. He will believe absolutely everything he hears, or imagines, about the intentions of others to harm him, Amost invariably, his instinctual reply would be to find some way to destroy them.

It would not be wrong to link the other side of this coin with an identification with absolute grandness and omnipotence. But given the way he holds his thumb we can have a fair picture of the inner tension he would suffer in this regard.
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