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Message Subject Lyme Disease gives you DEPRESSION-Anxiety and Anger.. SUICIDE..GET CHECKED
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Correct. What I'm saying is Lyme disease is caused by the foreign parasite body, one the tick is removed you will be fine.

I had Lyme disease when I was a young boy, paralyzed My neck and I had extreme pain. Lucky a doctor found the tick and I was COMPLETELY FINE once the parasite was removed within a week. No drugs needed.

Just be wary of how they cure you before your sick if ya knowhatimean.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27839070

AGAIN not true, once you have been bitten you have the bacteria FOR LIFE in your body. If you have not taken any type of medication or herbs it can COME BACK AT ANY time in your life! People have had it for 40 years AND NEVER KNEW. Everyone feels different with the bacteria. We all get different symptoms throughout our life, not knowing you have it. You eventually DIE of some ailment that will be related to that bite when you got it when you were a KID. Get checked I GUARANTEE you have it. Doctors are NOT Lyme literate at all. THE KNOW NOTHING.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14553694

There is a clusterfuck of comprehension problems here. You don't believe doctors know much about it, where do you get your info?

My first hand experience of being diagnosed, and cured. From feeling severe symptoms to having none, and your still going to sit there and tell me and others that what they feel is possibly wrong, to get diagnosed and then take some government funded solution to fix something you claim government doctors know nothing about.

Either you invented Lyme disease or your logic is fucking mental. The biological weapon is and always will be in the cure.

If you choose to sleep in through the next coming months, don't drag otherwise with you.
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