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Message Subject Lyme Disease gives you DEPRESSION-Anxiety and Anger.. SUICIDE..GET CHECKED
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
man i'm only 23 and i've been suffering with this for years. Tried all the antibiotics and even saw a LLMD for a few years. The antibiotics destroyed my gut and now I have leaky gut problems as well as lyme. I did the cowden protcol, tried the cats claw, but I reached a point where I don't improve anymore.

The neurological symptoms are the worst. Feels like my head is stuck with cotton balls and I was hit on the head with a hammer. Can't think straight and have paralyzing anxiety and depression.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17926276

Take HMF Probiotics and KEEFER as well as bio-K will cure your gut..Antibiotics screw your brain up, people commit suicide because they did NOT use the correct dosage to cure your gut. A scientist wrote an article in the NY times stating if your gut is screwed so is your BRAIN. Get on these right away!!
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