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Message Subject Lyme Disease gives you DEPRESSION-Anxiety and Anger.. SUICIDE..GET CHECKED
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
wow its impressive how little people know about one of the worst attacks on anything that lives on earth.

LYMES was created to be the perfect biological weapon, and still is. Hard to detect, even when tested for correctly, and if you don't have the bullzeye then you will most likely go chronic and never know why you have over a dozen deadly symptoms. At once.

OP you said it was sexually transmitted...thats so wrong, pregnant women give birth to lymeless babies. I've messed around plenty and nobody suddenly became crippled with side effects. Its not airborne, its strictly blood to blood. And odds are slim then too unless you're chronically infected like a tick, and if you were you would be in no position to lose blood or bang anyone. Or do anything really.

I was lucky enough to have immediate reactions against it, fever that lasted weeks and the bullzeye. If it wasnt for the bullzeye, doctor would not have known where to send my bloodwork.

theres no cure, in the mainstream anyway. Maybe when those DNA altering viruses come out for the public we can properly fight it. But for now its just too small for our own bodies to find and fight it.

heres one for the conspiracy, we all know some prick nazi from project paperclip on long island created it, wont bother looking up his trash name, some revered prodigy at creating bio weapons. However, as for the cure, it would be inconvenient because when you make it through lymes, you begin to develop special antibodies that can be sucked out of your blood by a centrifuge, then your blood is given right back to you for a decent price, 400$ a pop as many times as you can donate plasma. If you live by a center that does this.

IF you make the certain antibodies they are looking for, because you can make a variety of them, i qualified but the center near me closed down.

They can use the antibodies in our plasma to treat other diseases, the 400 dollars they give us for a plasma donation can make them thousand in return.

So someone is profiting from Lymes not having a real cure.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25401697

Unfortunately that is what you were lead to believe. New research states it IS AIR BORNE, is sexually transmitted, through saliva as well. OVER 1 BILLION have this disease in one shape or form and counting.. Nov 2nd in Boston they had 16 doctors, scientists and biologists all exclaiming the past research is now useless. They have silently been experimenting with NEW RESEARCH..
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