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Message Subject Lyme Disease gives you DEPRESSION-Anxiety and Anger.. SUICIDE..GET CHECKED
Poster Handle sunwyn
Post Content
I have had Lyme since 1995. The first year was awful. No doctor could pinpoint a diagnosed. When I became paralysed and couldn't walk the doc did a spinal tap and found the spirochete. I tried everything. Years of antibiotics, steroids, etc. I finally found collodial silver. The first two weeks were horrible as the Lyme created a Herxmeijer effect as the spirochetes died off and released toxins en masse. But then the fog cleared and in a few days I could walk again.I have never been able to totally cure it but I do have good days and bad days. Get tested and get treated early. I have chronic lyme due to poor testing in the early day of Lyme discovery.
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