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Message Subject Those of You Who Voted For Obama Are STUPID!!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I don't care to call people names, but isn't voting at all kinda stupid. Did we not learn in 3rd grade the theory of divide and conquer. The 2 party system is nothing more than that. And, voters don't elect presidents, 'vote counters' elect presidents. Besides, what politician in DC has EVER done anything to make life better for the average America. They take. They have taken everything my granddad worked for, my dad worked for, and now what I have worked for. And now they are telling us that that isn't good enough, they need more?!? If we follow that through to a conclusion, TPTB are telling us that we are a failed species and we will cease to exist because we can't give enough to the politicians and bankers to satisfy their lust and greed.
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