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Message Subject Poor Households Earning $13K Per Year Spend Over $1K On Lottery Tickets
Poster Handle Carshy McCarsh
Post Content
You people are so fucked in the head. Ragging on poor people because they hope to win on a lottery purchase. What makes them so different from people who have money and play the lottery to get richer? No one seems to remember the rich from the south who was already a millionaire and won a 300 million plus lottery. Ending losing his grand daughter over having more money. And what you cocksuckers especially BRIEF is that most rich people have made their money on the downfall of other people. Perfect example is Hardcore Pawn! Making money on poor people. I always love the parable about rich people - a camel has a better chance fitting through the eye of needle, than a rich person making it into the kingdom of heaven!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16416118

You, my fine example of government schooled envy and libtardism, are exactly why this country is in the process of collapsing under the weight of its own completely-fucking-stupid-and-suicidal citizenry.

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