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Message Subject Poor Households Earning $13K Per Year Spend Over $1K On Lottery Tickets
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
these snotty rich people living off federal taxes are waging a war on the poor, because they feel their are cutting into their share of the federal slop trough.

6 out of the 10 richest counties are in Maryland and virginia, around Washington, DC, because that's where all the trillions of federal tax money goes, not to poor people, to rich people. The average government worker make $116,000 dollars a year.....and they want MORE. They want the poor people's money, too.

Defense contractors are pissed they can't afford to start a war with Iran, so they want to take away all the medicare and social security and welfare so they can blow people up in Iran.

They seriously want to throw them all out into the streets, so they can murder Americans, also, even more fun to be had.
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