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Poster Handle taniatarn
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Message from hackers on Syrian Embasssy site...

The Cartoon Syrian Army website has been hacked in response to the cyber bullying they're practicing supported by the governmental Syrian Computer Society and in the light of this defacement I'd like to address the world with few words
To our heros in the Free Syrian Army.. our hearts and souls are with you those of whom sacrificed their blood and lives for us, may Allah reward you all the good and I find no words enough to address you may Allah protect and be with you
To Bashar 'the duck' who lacks legitimacy and sanity do you see fathers crying their children? soon you will be in their shoes if Allah's will
To Asmaa, crazy president's wife. Do you see women crying their husbands? soon you will be in their shoes if Allah's will
To the islamic and arabic conscience and specially Muslims kings and presidents, our profit (pbuh) says « What of the man who let down Amroua Muslim in the home violates the sanctity, and detract it from display, but let down by God in the home like a triumph, and from a person supports Amroua Muslim in home detract it from display and violate its sanctity, but God be with him in the home loves itHis victory» so those who let us down expect Allah's humilation if you don't support us
To United States and Europian countries, you claim that you protect the world, help the oppressed and claim democracy. But our revolution exposed your real faces and showed humanity that you are advocates of your own interests and that you don't have a humanitarian principle in what you claim, you only raise those banners to occupy nations, inslave their people and steal their treasures just like you did in Iraq and Afghanistan and other places, and maybe soon in Mali
To the neutrals in Syria: most of the Syrian neutrals are non-Mulims like our christian brothers and druze brothers and others from other communities, my message to them, Aren't we brothers? Aren't we fighting for our joint dignity and to make a better Syria for tomorrow and the most beautiful country in the world? Aren't you suffering oppression just like us? or your saying to your selves that if those win then we'll get our freedom without sweating for it? I ask not to share the revolution gain with any party that didn't come to its aid and stood aside, otherwise join the freedom and dignity's revolution
To the Alawite community: to the grandsons of Saleh Al-Ali, Bashar is abusing you, killing you and us just to save his precious occupied place, did Bashar claimed you kings in Syria? Are you living a better lives than us? The answer is clear, maybe you live worse than millions of Syrians, you are our brothers (except for the thugs and murderers among you) please abandon the regime now and join the revolution before it's too late and believe me if you don't join the revolution you will lose alot because you have crossed all the humanitarian and religious red lines against the Syrian people - Syrian Anonymous

[link to www.syrianembassy.be]
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