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Message Subject DEVELOPING: BEIRUT (AP) - Two US-based Internet-monitoring companies say Syria has shut off the Internet nationwide!!!
Poster Handle Ashton's succulent Volvo
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Well, you can thank your liberal "useful idiots" in Canada, as well as Socialist Francois Mitterand of France, Jimmy Carter in the US and a few other "enlightened" elites in the West who undermined Shah of Iran and FORBADE him to use strong-man tactics against a brewing revolt when it could have been squashed relatively painlessly/blood-lessly.

Then Ayatollah co-opted, well hijacked the revolution & the government -----> and got the Islamo-Fascist ball (slowly) rolling. Exporting terror & promulgating Islamic radicalism all over the world ever since. And the Saudis and Qataris didn't want to be out-done by the "heretical Shia", so they got in the game of erecting mosques & radical Madrassa schools that would raise a new generation of Islamic psychos....

So it was only a matter of time until Muslim Bastardhood sprung out from all the holes and crevices in Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and so on.

So, um, old timers who obliviously, impotently sat by and let it happen... thanks for all that. We're gonna have to clean up this messs with a World War 3, it looks like.

Thanks again :)
 Quoting: asV 8438481

Are you fucking serious? If the US and Britain had not meddled in a democratic country's (which Iran was before the Shah was installed) affairs in the first place the Shah would have never been in power.

The only "Mess" over there is because the US has meddled for years because of geopolitical reasons - to control resources. All the the hatred toward the US is BLOWBACK for our own hegemonic policies.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8625642

Oh good lord, please don't waste my time with your PC revisionist history nonsense. Maybe try to impress your UC Berkeley or Columbia U "neo-Marxist" wannabe professor so he can change your grade from C- to C+.... but that sh!t don't work on me.

The old "Apcacalyptic Twelveer Mullahs only hate us because of our meddling" fallacy.... `

As for Mossadegh...you see, this is how it works in a JUST and FAIR world: West has spent time, money and resources looking, discovering, extracting, refining, transporing and providing huge consumer demand-market for the "black oil" ----> without which the life in the Middle East would be literal HELL on Earth right about now.

So as "thanks" for all that countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait have rightfully continued to have somewhat productive relationships with the West and Western corporate intersts --- without whom, again, their lives would be horrific as their population swelled up to present size. Hell, even WITH oil, M.E. countries lives are full of misery and turmoil, imagine all that but WITHOUT those 100 of BILLIONS of dollars of easy revenue.....Mercy!

Well, anyway, there was this Marxist wannabe, Mossadegh. He thought he was a WISE guy. He thought that after the West had spent enormous amount of time, expertise and hard work developing Iraninan infrastructure & energy capacity -----> thus benefitting both the East and the West needs, much like American capitalism and free-market ideas & credits have literally taken 500 MILLION out of crushing poverty in China and India in the last 30 years....

Well, Mossadegh said "thanks for all THAT, by the way... but now that we no longer need you, get the fuck out!"

Mossadegh certainly wasn't going to equitably and fairly COMPENSATE the Western companies for all their decades of hard work and investments. Not under any kind of reputable arbitrage system, anyway. At most, he offered some pitiable scraps.

And then CIA, MI-6 said, "Whoa, buddy, not so fucking fast. You still OWE use a ton both in back-owned and in future-revenue generating that you so unceremoniously decided to take away from us.."

Enter Shah of Iran. The man provided stability and modernity to Iran, without breaking commitments to Western partners. He was friend with Israel because unlike most people in M.E. he didn't HATE the Jews with passion of 10,000 raped goats......

It is said that during Shah's regime women's skirts in Teheran were SHORTER than men's skirts in Paris :)

In short, Iran messed with Texas. And they will get a real fucking blow-back in fairly short order, my friend. Just watch and weep.
 Quoting: asV 8438481

There is some truth to what you are saying, but only to the extent that most of out conflicts have the tendency of paving the way for our multinational corporations to profit. However, I think "history" is subjectively written by the "victor" and therefore we likely provoked the response you suggest by being over-controlling and demanding too much, a la the tactics set forth in Economic Hit Man.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8625642

"Some truth"? LOL, riiigh.

So you're denying the fact that truly incalculable role Western techonologies, inventions and work-ethic... have played in vastly enriching the M.E. countries? Not even talking about education, medicine, food we provided them =--> just the massive oil-revenue alone in the TRILLIONS of dollars over the ensuing decades????

If Mossadegh wasn't happy with the terms of the agreements, he could have been an adult about it and tried to re-negotiate in good faith.

Instead, he must have seen too many Hollywood movies and decided to be a Rambo Chuck Norris Ghandi all rolled into one. He decided to go the Che Guevara/Hugo Chavez route.

And he got what he deserved.

And the funny thing is, even after 33 years of systematic brutality & reperession & religious brainwashing by the Ayatollahs.... most (younger) Iranians HATE the Ayatollahs with a passion. If not for 5 million strong IRGC & Basij militia, Ayatollahs would have been overthrown long ago. Still might be soon.

So proof, as they say, is in the pudding, Ol' Boy.

As for corporations... you don't have to love them, I know I don't, you just have to admit the penultimate truth: American/Capitalist system has proven itself as SUPERIOR to all other systems, as per Sir Winston. Even Maoist China and Ghandi'st India have realized that. Even former KGB thug like Vladimir Putin has embraced the reality. Even Fidel freakin' Castro has softened up on the issue, for crying outloud.

And like it or not, corporations, banks and rich people are an INTEGRAL part of any healthy, dynamic society and economy.
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