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Message Subject DEVELOPING: BEIRUT (AP) - Two US-based Internet-monitoring companies say Syria has shut off the Internet nationwide!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What could this mean ?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 13728447

Its means that a bunch of muslimtards are doing exactly what they said they would do, mainly put the country they rule back in the 14th century.
The internet is hated by Muslims, they say its because of the "filth" but its really the freedom.
The internet represents technology, easier living, and most importantly, freedom.
Anathema to a bunch of bloodthirsty religious fanaticd that kill young girls for having the nerve to get raped
 Quoting: bvndy

Be specific! It isnt muslims-. It's Salafist jihadists being trained and armed by the west, and Saudi Arabia, to eliminate moderate Islam, and set up harsh Sharia governments. It's cynical manipulation of fanatical primitives for geopolitical purposes.

Without the training and arms, THEY'D BE A BACKWATER SECT with no influence.

The US and Saudis, specifically.

The war is on, world war with the heat turning to Russia (Cauacuses).

Then Karma time, Americans, it is hopefully and finally coming to YOUR neighborhood.

No excuses, no laziness, no delusions.

Why the US and no where else? Because the US is home to number 1 terrorist enablers in the history of the planet. Bad ass, ugly, powerful, dangerous -- you know who they are..

Hopefully, when your tender ass is slapped around enough you'll kill it. And the world can move on!

Good luck!
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