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Message Subject DEVELOPING: BEIRUT (AP) - Two US-based Internet-monitoring companies say Syria has shut off the Internet nationwide!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
asV, so that's what happened?

Did the same thing not happen in Venezula? I know it seems there have already been a few coups pulled off on Chavez' ass, but none have worked thus far. Maybe he's to established n has to much fire power and countries like Russia n China backing him.

But hell truth be told the United States has enough oil, natural gas, coal etc... we wouldn't even need the rest of the world, but of course that's not in the plans that's why they fund all these goofy tree hugging groups to step in and slow or outright production.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26812864

Even with El-Baradei at IAEA and Obama, not to mention Russia and China, shielding Iran for years.... the sanctions are finally starting to have real bite. Rial has lost more than 1/2 its value in just last 6 months. And since Russia/China have already been paid off.... military option is not far from the horizon. Iran simply doesn't who they're messing with. They THINK they do, but they have no idea --- in part because the typical Magical-Thinking their Muslim mindset has been used to since birth, typically doesn't do so well when up against 21st century reality.

(Their whole 4 year, multi-billion dollar IRGC military base infrastructure in Gaza, for instance, went up in smoke in the first 2-3 days of the operation for which Israel expended less than 1% of their capabilities so as to not harm too many civilians. Child's play, to be sure. But I digress.)

And as you say, US, Cananda, even Israel have in recent found a LOT of oil-gas in their own territories, so with more sophisticated, safer 21st century extraction methods.....The Middle East as a whole is slowly becoming NOT so important. But that's in the medium- and long-term, but in the short-term, we still have a few scores to settle in the M.E....

As for Russia... nobody gives a shit about it to risk World War 3. The way to conquer Russia is to BUY OFF and otherwise BLACKMAIL their leadership all of who deep down LOVE, LOVE, LOVE capitalism and whose assets & children love to live, study and vacation in the West. So the whole "Putin-Doom" is OFF, sorry to disappoint you, lulz.
 Quoting: asV 8438481

What scores to settle in the ME? That's what you think this is all about? Energy self sufficiency isnt the goal. Iran isnt the goal. Central Asia is the goal, and to control the worlds energy sources, so they can control those who need them. Specifically China, se Asia, LAmerica, India and Europe. And they need to kill Russia because it cant be coerced by oil (they have too much of it), no matter who would be in power. In fact they are a major geo political obstacles, who could even loosen Europe and others from the US grip by providing competitive supply to others.

And for this they are willing to enslave half the planet under primitive Salafist regimes to achieve their plans.

They're fucking Evil, man, and got bigger designs than a childish settling of scores or pay back for 1980 "hostage crisis"....
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28694200

Kill Russia? Bwaa-haha, you must have been on a Kremlin-owned RT and Pravda propaganda trash-digging binge recently....

LOL, Russia is ALREADY entirely brought and paid for. Everything else is just "controlled opposition" theatrics. Do you think Putin who already had a cancer scare, is going to risk his 50 Billion dollar assets... or his FSB-Oligarch fusion junta? LOL, please don't make me laught.

US has already won. The world speaks English, uses Dollar as Reserve currency and EVERYONE is eating up Hollywood like it's going out of style. Capitalism and Free-markets even have shown their resilency during the worst economic crisis since the GReat Depression, and its adoption was the reason for Chinese, Brazilian, Turkish or Indian growth. And they know it, too despite public grumbling about "imperisalist" US.

China sometimes looks like they have things figured out with our help... but then their groth slows to 5% and massive civil unrest starts -- or better yet, China starts flexing their muscles in South Sea, and suddenly Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Philipines, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia COME RUNNING back crying to American Titty.

LOL, even Chinese girls can't get enough of Kobe Bryant and Lindsay Lohan. That tells you how PROFOUND American long-term Win really is.

And yes, energy independence IS important. New energyu sources once on-line, will bankprupt Russia and force M.E. countries to behave. That's another huge geo-political victory for the US, Israel and Co.

But hey, please indulge in RT/Jirinovsky/Prokhanov/Shevchenko Soviet Butt-hurt, delusions of grandeur & persecution complex.
 Quoting: Asv 8438481

Fuck off shill. Obviously, I hit a nerve. Russia is a competitor of oil supply, it doesnt matter their credentials as good 'ol boyz, fellow gangsters. You sound pure psy ops, glossing over the enabling training and arming of Salafists to spread terror and enslave/govern on behalf of "free markets" and the "American way". That's quite the objective, but that's your job and somebody's got to do it, Right? And so soft and noble: "all's they want to do is settle scores". Your job is getting more difficult shill, we are seeing right through the BS.
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