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Message Subject Having lunch in Texas is very interesting these days...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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It seems that all sides are unhappy with the current flow of our country. Change is a normal factor in our history, But I see your point as to how prevalent it is.

Everyone here is asking for a TRUE DEMOCRACY. Not a system that needs a congress/house/senate to vote on decision but a state democracy voted on by the people of THE STATE for decisions. Different places different styles different needs. They say the Feds need to step away and give people back the power they were supposed to have at the start of this country. The technology for this exists today. We are all so networked now that it would be so easy to convert to this style.

Let the people decide whats best and if we go down then we know who's fault it is.
 Quoting: XSlyOneX

That's an anti-Federalist point of view.

You may be more comfortable with the idea of an improved Articles of Confederation rather than a Statist Constitution.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28705940

It's not Anti Fed. It's controlled Fed. That's what it was supposed to be anyway. This country was founded on the idea that the people controlled the government not the other way around. Over time it has shifted power over to the government.

I simply ask for responsibility to be re-delegated. Honestly this would be a good thing overall for the FEDS sure a lot of people would lose jobs but it's a necessary step to get it back to where it was supposed to be.

Feds should simply be in charge of national defense internally and externally. This includes foreign policy. Beyond that everything should belong to the state and on a vote premise where it's majority vote of the state not electoral based.

President should be voted on popular vote not electoral. Who cares if one state has more population. If you get up off your ass and go vote yours should count the same as any other state.

It's also much easier to investigate voter fraud with this system... Hence partially why they continue to keep the electoral system because it's easier to control than millions of people.

People need to wake up and start thinking logically.
 Quoting: XSlyOneX

I was referring to the anti-Federalists of US history. I'm sure it's not taught in the Marxist US public school system anymore.

[link to en.wikipedia.org (secure)]
[link to www.constitution.org]

It's well worth the read.
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