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Message Subject Having lunch in Texas is very interesting these days...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Video Reference for today's overheard conversation during my lunch.

I love going out to eat here in Texas. We have a ridiculously high selection of restaurants to choose from so I have the luxury of most time being able to eat at a place I've never eaten before.

That being said I must say the chatter I've picked up through the last month or so have been in one word... INSANE!

Everyone and I mean EVERYONE is talking about how they can't stand what our government has become. Yes Obama is a big part of it but it's more than that now. They say it's the entire system practically!

Today I overheard a big group of people talking about the newly signed UN treaty banning guns. They were talking about what they would do if someone ever came to take theirs away and it wasn't pretty...

I just want to say this now... NO one is going to accept that here...

This leads me to wonder... Is this planned?... I can't imagine our government wouldn't know the reaction of the people if they were to try and do a gun ban...

This makes me curious that what if they are trying on purpose to piss the country off into a violent confrontation? I honestly don't know what the benefit of that would be but they can't surely be so stupid to think that half the country would rather die than lose their defensive tools?

I don't really know a solution to either side but I'm telling this chatter is not just small talk. These people are dead serious about this and everyone is getting grouped up on the same idea. I heard many heres heres in response to this groups conversation. Remember I usually go to a new restaurant everytime so it's not the same people I'm hearing this from it seems to be everyone around here.

Has anyone else heard from the general population talk like this?
 Quoting: XSlyOneX

Is it planned? yes.
By our Government, maybe, certainly by certain elements of it.
The reason is probably 2 fold:
America leads the world: economically, politically and militarily.
Take us out and there is nothing to stop anyone, (Korea, Iran, etc) from doing anything or attacking anyone.

America is a symbol of Freedom, show how this freedom leads to Anarchy and War and you can get people to accept something else,(Islam, Communism, etc), instead.

The end result is a "need" for Global Governance,(UN style).
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