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Message Subject Having lunch in Texas is very interesting these days...
Poster Handle XSlyOneX
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Everyone here is asking for a TRUE DEMOCRACY. Not a system that needs a congress/house/senate to vote on decision but a state democracy voted on by the people of THE STATE for decisions. Different places different styles different needs. They say the Feds need to step away and give people back the power they were supposed to have at the start of this country. The technology for this exists today. We are all so networked now that it would be so easy to convert to this style.

Let the people decide whats best and if we go down then we know who's fault it is.
 Quoting: XSlyOneX

So you want 51% to vote away the rights of 49%? People are stupid and a democracy doesn't protect against mob rule.
 Quoting: s. d. butler

MOB Rule is just a negative title designed to push people away from it.

Theres really only 3 ways to handle decision of a large group of humans.

Dictatorship- Which branches into many other forms of government but the general idea is the same.

True Democracy- You can call this MOB Rule or w/e but the point is the majority decision is king.

Current Democracy. A System designed to give people the illusion of power. When in reality the media and Feds generally control the outcome even if they don't rig the votes.
 Quoting: XSlyOneX

Only a fairly public school graduate could come up with this answer.
 Quoting: s. d. butler

I apologize if it was to layman for you... but please feel welcome to elaborate on your opinion. What would you say is the problem with mob rule? Feel free to use your PHD brain to elaborate I promise it won't give me a headache.
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