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Message Subject Having lunch in Texas is very interesting these days...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
In the south people need their guns because there is a lot of distance between houses and towns. You have to shoot at wild dogs and wolves, snakes, yard trespassers, burglars, zombie crackheads, runaway tractors... the list goes on and on. No gun, no control. Police aren't going to arrive with a weapon in time. And there is no hunting without guns.

I overheard some guys talking about how the illegal immigrants sure know how to clean out a pecan grove.

If there are going to be unmanned drones with laser tracking and guns above our heads, we need guns below. Or DEWs. Otherwise we will have to resort to slingshots and develop biohazardous snot and blood -- hicks have chew and hepatitis -- to survive.
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